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Before Commissioning

General Rules

  • I do not offer NFTs.

  • I do not create NSFW artwork. This category entails overly gory or pornographic images.

  • You may permit me to use it for my social media page, which can entail posting an image of the artwork, creating a video, and thanking you for commissioning it.

  • You are required to pay half upfront and the other half upon completion.

  • After I agree to work on your commission, I will send you a contract regarding what we agreed upon.

Before I Start Drawing:

  1. I create artwork using charcoal and graphite only.

  2. When describing what you want created, please provide as many details as possible so I can create the best image for you.

  3. Please provide an image reference so I can create the best artwork for you, especially if you want a portrait.

  4. If you want a word portrait (see the portfolio header for examples), please provide keywords that will be used in the image.


While Drawing:

  1. If a sketch or gesture is created, I will send you an image of the sketch or gesture for your approval. Other than that, I will send you two pictures regarding the progress of the image. One image will appear about halfway through completion and another upon completion.

  2. I will allow minor adjustments to the piece. Any major adjustments made during the process, such as repositioning elements or changes in reference, will add additional fees.

  3. Should you cancel mid-commission, I have every right to sell the artwork to the public or put it in an exhibit.


After Drawing:​

  1. Upon receiving the rest of the payment, I wrap it as follows.​​

    • First, I spray a fixative to keep the charcoal/graphite in place.​

    • Then, I take two pieces of newsprint and cover the artwork, taping the pieces of newsprint together.

    • Next, I take two pieces of cardboard and place the wrapped artwork in between the cardboard. Then I use packing tape to secure the pieces of cardboard together.

    • Finally, I place the artwork in an envelope that will fit the artwork.

      • OR

    • First, I spray a fixative to keep the charcoal/graphite in place.

    • Then I carefully roll the art piece in a cardboard tube.

    • Next, I secure the art piece by filling the space with newsprint

    • Finally, I sealed the tube with packing tape.

  2. I will then mail it to the location you specify. I have done everything in my power to secure the artwork, and from this point onwards it is out of my hands.

  3. Should the artwork be damaged, we can discuss what options are available, whether that is me recreating the artwork or some form of reimbursement.

I have three main steps in the design process.​​ In total, a minimum of three interactions to provide the best results.

Some questions you can answer in the first contact are "What do I want made? What mood am I going for? How will this commission be used? What adjectives best describe your desired result? What color scheme am I going for, such as black and white or full-color?"​


1. Sketch Phase

I will provide sketches of what I believe you want. These sketches do not reflect the quality of the result. Once you've approved these sketches, I will continue.

2. Black and White Version Concept:

I will create a black-and-white version of your image to view. The reason why I do this is so that you can focus on the concept of the image rather than nit-picking the color of it. Refining the concept of the image will allow for a better result.

3. Full-Color Composition:

After editing the concept further, I will provide a full-color version for your viewing. If you like what you see, this will end the commission.


Other than these three interactions, I allow three additional interactions for further refinement, such as another sketch phase. Any more than six interactions total, and I add additional fees.


Unless I am relatively open, any request that needs to be completed within a week will be considered a rush job and incur an additional fee. In this case, there may be less than three interactions depending on the commission.


Once the rest of the money for the job is received, I will give you a JPG, PNG, TIFF, and SVG in a ZIP file. The original "working file" will stay in my possession.

Need Some Artwork?

Any questions you have regarding my process and/or the type of art I am willing to work on I can clarify in an email exchange.


If you would like some artwork completed by me please email me using the address below or send a message using the form to the right, and I will respond to you as soon as I am available.


Upload File

Thank you for your message!

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